Do not be afraid to challenge unchristian behavior by professing Christians

Surely a major factor in the hardening of the American heart against the Gospel of Christ has been the unchristian behavior of professing Christians.  In close connection with this has been the establishment of standards of expectation for Christian behavior by non-Christians.  Too often believers have silently nodded their heads in agreement with unbelievers as they mock the sins of professing believers.  When real sin has been committed in public view by brethren or professing brethren, we should not be reluctant to acknowledge the sinfulness of the deed.  At the same time, we must labor to acquaint unbelievers with the fact that Christians are pilgrims traveling toward perfection; but, do not claim to have achieved anything approaching perfection.  Thus, we endeavor to confess our sins and to repent of them.  We cannot be shamed into silence by the sins of believers (unless those sins be our own and be of such a nature as to require a period of restoration).  Truth remains unchanged by the faults of those who hold to it.  Righteousness remains righteous, even when we are not.  God’s Word must be heard notwithstanding the failures of its professing adherents.

At the same time, we must refuse the unscriptural definition of what is right and wrong by scoffers.  Nowhere is that definition more pronounced than in the often heard accusation that we are judgmental, as though that is universally forbidden.  Believe me, I realize that sinful judgments are made by professed Christians:  I have been on the giving and receiving end of such judgments.  That ought not be.  There is no excusing such.  Nonetheless, we must not abandon our responsibility to rebuke the unfruitful works of darkness.

In this regard, it is most disheartening to hear equivocations on the issue of abortion by those claiming to be Christians.  Abortion is murder.  It must ever be denounced as such by all who reverence God- Who created us in His image and demanded that human life be protected on that account.  Those who waffle on this and other matters of plain moral law hazard sharing condemnation with those who actually commit the deed without repentance. Romans 1:32  32 who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them.

I am fully committed to the principle that as the disciples of Christ we must ever strive to be conspicuously loving and humble.  Yet, we must not mistake love with silence on matters of righteousness.  On account of unrighteousness the wrath of God is coming.  How is it loving to be silent in the presence of that reality?  Such silence is both unloving and unfaithful.

My purpose is not to unleash a barrage of “hate speech” or of hateful speech.  But, it is my desire to stir up broken-hearted pilgrims to speak with tenderness of things which we know to be true while it is day before night comes when we cannot.

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