Believers Must Speak - Grace Reformed Baptist Church of Mebane
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Grace Reformed Baptist Church, Baptist, Mebane, Service Times 9:30/11:00/5:30
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Believers Must Speak

Believers Must Speak

By Gary Hendrix

– The escalation of hatred for Biblical moral absolutes is happening much faster than any of us imagined. There is a concerted attempt to silence Christians especially with reference to marriage and homosexuality. The bullying is strong and belligerent.

The most troubling aspect of the situation is that it seems to be working with so many professed believers. Fear is shutting our mouths at a time when we need to be bold and articulate.

Perhaps we are unclear as to why we must speak.  Beloved, we must rebuke the unfruitful works of darkness because:

  1. Sin is a direct assault on the person, nature and will of God
  2. Sin destroys souls, families and societies
  3. The rebuke of sin is a necessary aspect of proclaiming the Good News of forgiveness and salvation

Of course, we must speak in love. But let us never forget that our chief love must be Christ, His honor.  Love for Christ must be our primary motive in speaking about the sin that desecrates His world and violates His will.  Then we must speak with love and compassion for the people who are being deceived and destroyed by sin or who are vulnerable to the sin.  Harshness must be mortified.  Our approach must be tender; yet we must speak pointedly, as pointedly as God’s Word speaks.

This would be a splendid use of social media.  Write Scriptural statements concerning the prevailing evils of our culture wedded to texts proclaiming salvation in Christ.  There is no problem in believers using Facebook, Twitter, etc. in keeping contact with friends or sharing items of mutual interest.  But there is a problem, in my opinion, with believers having a large presence in social media and being silent about the Gospel and related matters.

Beloved, we cannot permit those who advocate lawlessness to dominate the conversation!  We must pray!  Then we must speak/write.  And if we suffer reproach for communicating truth, our reward in Heaven will be enlarged!  Beyond that, however, who knows what Christ might be pleased to do with the truth we speak!